Dave’s work is driven by the passion to preserve (and extend the life) of reclaimed lumber. He is especially inspired by the visible saw marks created when old growth lumber was cut by a water-driven sawmill. His work honors and preserves the labor that was originally used to mill each beam and plank.

The wood used in furniture ‘Built by Dave’ is reclaimed from homes, factories, barns or other vintage structures. The wood will have nail holes, cracks, split, knot holes, and other signs of use and wear but will still be structurally sound. The source of the wood is documented when it is known.


Dave will build tables to custom shapes and sizes. The saw marks on the table skirt indicate that the water driven sawmill blade used to cut this piece of wood was six feet in diameter.

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Dave began building benches, out of vintage materials, when there was a shortage of primitive farm type benches. The solid construction and the smooth vintage finish has made these benches extremely popular. Dave has made many custom benches and tables for local wineries in the Walla Walla valley. Call Dave for more information on custom pieces built just for you!